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We Origami Tanteidan are going to hold "ORIGAMI TANTEIDAN CONVENTION '96" as in last year. It will held on June 22 (Sat.) & 23 (Sun.), 1996, and will held at "Bunkyo-Kumin Center", the same place as last year (Kasuga station on the Mita line, Korakuen station on the Marunouchi and Namboku line). Now instructors are getting prepared. Let us introduce the highlights of this program.

Note that the program is subject to change.
  • You must remenber the congruence and the inner center of triangles.
    Mr. Kawasaki, who said he kept himself a general participant last yaer, will take part in as an instructor with enthusiasm this year.
    Under the title "Orizuru Variations ; Maekawa's New Orizuru is already out of date", he is going to develop geometric theories using Orizuru as his subject. He usually explain the world of strict mathematics in easy words, but this time he say "you must remenber the congruence and the inner center of triangles". He also instruct folding titled "Submarine" or "Fighter Tomcat".
  • "Ultra-Hawk No.1" "Space Shattle"
    We had a long wait for the appearance of "Ultra-Hawk No.1" created by Mr. Kimura.Its perfect design makes even those who aren't SFX fans impressed. Moreover, we can enjoy the union of three planes into one.
    Mr. Nishikawa, who was born in the same year as Mr. Wakata, the first Japanese pilot of the space shattle, is gojng to instruct "Space Shattle (its picture are placed in 'ORU' no.11)" with dream for the space.

  • Challenge to impressive modeling
    Mr. Yoshino is going to instruct "Wild Boar", which was mentioned in the interview in 'ORU' No.11. The impressive modeling represents bristled hair of "Wild Boar".
  • Army-Knife since the costarring a year and a half ago
    Among the costarring in 'ORU' No.7, Mr. Maekawa plans for class "Army-Knife". Its modeling of the contrasty crest of a cross is prominent in the costarring.
  • What comes, Mr. Kawahata?
    We have a message from Mr. Kawahata "It will be extraordinary complex..." Although his "Deer" was captured by schoolboys last year, this time Mr. Kawahata, the Yokozuna of the hyper-complex origami, is fearlessly laughing. Are you afraid ?
  • Maou appears
    Mr. Hojo, who is good at modeling portrait, is to instruct "Maou (Sorcerer)". Experiencing instruction in England, he learned one magic, didn't he ?
  • New Magic of Origami
    Mr. Waku is going to instruct magic using origami as last year. We can expect him to prepare new tricks.
    In addition, We plan a wide program from challenging complex models to simple gems, such as dyeing paper, which many appreciate last year, (by Mr. Takai), and Dinosaur Bookmark (by T. Kimura)
  • We Plan also domonstration of internet
    We Origami Tanteidan began going into the world of internet. We plan the section where we settle a computer so that you can experience our homepage.
  • "Grand Quiz Competition" as Game of Social.
    We have a social from 6 p.m. on the first day of the convention (June 22). It will be the chance to renew your old friendships or to listen to instructors directly. We plan "Origami Tanteidan Grand Quiz Competition" in this social and everyone can take part in it. The champion will have an amazing prize?
  • Origami to Morning
    We are considering to prepare accommodations for the night of Saturday. Considering the charge of those from a distant, we may charter a hall. if so, we can enjoy origami all through the night. Confirm the detail when you apply.
  • Substantial Diagram Book
    The Origami Tanteidan Diagram Book that we published in our last convention are appreciated as textbook for use on that day and other. The books for the last convention are already out of stock. We also publish The Origami Tanteidan Diagram Book this time. Its contents will be models instructed in convention and other unpublished models. Inquiry about purchase of the new diagram book is welcome after the coming convention.