Mane folding

A new technique brings new type of models into being. Let's look over "Mane folding" as a typical case.
It is difficult to make curves using origami technique. The "mane arc" in "Horse" (YOSHINO Iseei) is one of the excellent solutions. This technique seems to be rhetorical, but it based on clear geometry. Therefore we can apply the same structure to new works. Actually, KAWAHATA, after seeing "Horse," created "Dimetrodon" and "Edaphosaurs" with this technique.

Horse (YOSHINO Issei) and Edaphosaurs (KAWAHATA Fumiaki)
(This is a composite image.)

Title Horse
Creator YOSHINO Issei Diagrams: Issei Super Complex Origami (Publisher: Origami House),
Oru No.14, Origami Tanteidan Newsletter No. 24,25
Type A sheet of square
Year 1990

Title Dimetrodon
Creator KAWAHATA Fumiaki Diagrams: Origami Fantasy (Publisher: Origami House)
, Origami (Nihon Origami Association) No. 163(?)
Type A sheet of square
Year 1991

This technique was also applied to Spinosaurs (YOSHINO) and Pegasus (KAWAHATA).

The picture below shows the an example of the series of "Convoluted folding" by AZUMA Hideaki. You may notice the close relationship with the geometric aspect of "mane folding."

Title Convoluted Fold
Creator AZUMA Hideaki Diagram: Nothing
Type A piece of tape
Year 1993

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