Yoshino Star

Steller Polyhedora icon which is used in "What's New"is designed by YOSHINO Issei who died in August, 1996. I've tried to fold it as real origami models. I thought 2 ways to fold, but other ways can be thought. (MAEKAWA)
Name Yoshino Star 1
Creator MAEKAWA Jun The complete model may be a little fragile.
The opposite triangles have the same color.
[How to Fold]
Type Modular(12 sheets of square)
Year 1997

Name Yoshino Star 2
Creator MAEKAWA Jun Each point can have own color by using colors of both sides of paper.
You may find it difficult to fold with the colors you like.
[How to fold]
Type Modular(12 Sheets of square)
Year 1997