The First Korean Origami Convention

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The First Korean Origami Convention (By Korean Origami Association)

  • Date: August 20th (Fri.), 21st (Sat.), 22nd (Sun.)
  • Place: Boramea Youth Center, Seoul, Korea
  • Estimated Attendees: 120 people
  • Fees: 50,000 South Korean Won (including the Lunch of the 21st)
  • Party (Optional): 30,000 South Korean Won
  • *As for travel fees, please help yourself (JOAS will not arrange for anything but call for attendance and registration arrangement).
  • *Please reserve a hotel by yourself.
  • *People from the other side of the ocean/continent can reserve your flight to both Japan and Korea on the same fare at once.

Contents (Subject to Change)

  • Special Guest: Brian Chan
  • Varieties of Origami Classes by Korean, Japanese and Western Folders/Creators A Party (Optional)
  • Origami Models Exhibitions

Deadline for Registration (Aug. 5th)

  • * You need to reserve your flights and hotels before then.
  • * If you need a low-cost place to stay, please ask us.(Origamihouse:

Foreign Participants

  • Japan: Yamaguchi Makoto, Kawamura Miyuki, Kamiya Satoshi
  • USA: June Sakamoto, Anne LaVin, Marcio Noguchi


Aug. 20th (Fri.)

  • Registration (11:00-12:00)
  • Class Registration (12:30-13:00)
  • Opening Ceremony (13:00-14:00)
  • Origami Classes (14:00-18:00)
*The lunch time is whenever you are free during registration periods.

Aug. 21st (Sat.)

  • Special Lecture (10:00-12:00)
  • Lunch (12:00-13:00)
  • Class Registration (13:00-14:00)
  • Origami Classes (14:00-18:00)
  • Party (Optional) (18:30-)

Aug. 22nd (Sun.)

  • Class Registration (10:00-10:30)
  • Origami Classes (10:30-12:20)
  • Lunch (12:20-13:30)
  • Origami Classes (13:30-14:20)
  • Closing Ceremony (14:30-)