Origami Tanteidan Magazine Volume 30 (issue #175-180)

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issue #175 (May 2019)

cover 175
  • Diagrams
  • Crease Pattern
  • Articles
    • [Close-up] Design of Deployable Membrane for Cube-satellite “OrigamiSat-1”s Furuya Hiroshi
    • [Here We Are, THE ORRRIGAMI TANTEIDAN] Is It Hard to Draw Diagrams with Inkscape? Hara Tsukasa
    • [Paper Folders on File] Tokai Origami Tanteidan Readers Group
  • Essays
    • [Origami and Its Neighbors] Fuse Tomoko
    • [Orisuji] Minami Ryo
    • [Every Minute Origami] Maekawa Jun
  • And more...

issue #176 (July 2019)

cover 175